Magic Massages in Harrogate

Magic Massages in Harrogate at Vanity Health and Beauty Clinic

Repetitive strain injury giving you neck ache? There are plenty of places to go for massages in Harrogate, but there is one that stands out: Vanity Health.

For instance, being in the same position at a desk day in and day out can put a lot of strain on our posture.

Now those good girls and boys out there who are following their Yogitivity routine or standing up, walking around and stretching regularly can read this with a smug smile and no pain!

However, for us mere mortals we slave away incessantly at our computer and can’t quite seem to tear ourselves away. It is very easy to fall prey to the excruciating burning and jabbing pain that grows in our neck and shoulders and even in our lower back.


Don’t fear help is at hand! In the form of Alice’s magic hands! Here in Harrogate Alice Danker from Vanity Health has been my saviour for many years. I initially went to her with a lot of stress knotted between my shoulders and a veritable “lump” of tension on my neck.


Aromatherapy massages Harrogate
Aromatherapy massages at “Vanity Health and Beauty”

Alice set about working her magic weaving and intertwining the beauty of several different massage and aromatherapy together in order to come up with her magic potion. Now I cannot reveal her trade secrets, you’ll have to visit her yourself for that! What I will say is that she took the best from all the worlds of complementary therapy and poured them into my aching shoulders.

3 Steps to feeling like a new woman:

  1.  kneading my twisted nest of pain and stress with her hot stones and warming oils
  2.  soothing away my worries with her uplifting blend of essential oils
  3.  deftly working away the pain in and around my shoulders and back… and after that, I felt like a new woman.



Hot stone therapy Harrogate
Hot stone therapy at “Vanity Health and Beauty” in Harrogate

The only thing nagging me at the end was that there was something missing. This nagging sensation was the missing ache that I had been carrying around for so many years. It was gone!! Hooray! Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t really missing it. Well maybe like I would miss a hot water bottle in the Sahara!


Hopefully other therapists near you (if you are not lucky enough to experience these magic massages in Harrogate) will take a leaf from Alice’s book. Sometimes we do not need to rigidly stick to one routine, one therapy, one massage technique. Sometimes what is needed is a blend of different methods to come up with just the right solution.

In conclusion, if you’re busy working at a screen or hunched over a desk and not keeping up your yoga, then this is for you. If you are holding all of your stress and tension in your neck, you may well be feeling the strain. Just remember, for around £40 all that pain can go away. Your friends and family will thank you for it too!

What a small price to pay. Don’t delay treat yourself to some Alice Magic from all the wonders of the world of wellness.

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