Hygge in Harrogate

Who cannot but love the whole Christmassy feeling of hygge.

The fab Scandinavian café Baltzersen in Harrogate is actively promoting this whole feeling of comfort and snuginess and as Brits who are more known for our bowler hats and stiff upper lips, we could do with a little more “hygge” in our British culture. Despite its conservative appearance, Harrogate has embraced this positive them and has its own patches and moments of hygge to offer…

Hygge in Harrogate
Baltzersen’s Harrogate, a hygge Scandanavian Café!

And we have our our Harrogatonian hyggeness:

Christmas Hygge in Harrogate
Lights along the Stray all-year magic (photo: Lights4fun)

Pretty lights along the Stray all year long – it doesn’t have to be Christmas to feel magical!

Natural hygge in Harrogate
Woodland warriors

Our children can live in a world of innocent fantasy in the woodlands that surround us.

Fun hygge in Harrogate at So Bar and Eats
Hang out at So Bar and Eats

Pubs with a sense of humour offering a sense of home! SO Bar and Eats

No to mention the stray in the summer, which turns into a back garden for everyone, the cherry blossom in the spring to spread romance  in the air and the glorious fountains, beautiful art (free), galleries… the list is endless in this picturesque hygge town!