Art: the food of the mind and soul

The buzzword “wellness” may conjure up images of meditation and yoga, but there are other perhaps, what one might call more “mainstream” ways of fuelling the spirit and mind. After all, having a healthy mind and spirit is just as important as having a healthy body, because when all our senses and systems are happy and functioning properly that is when we can reach our full potential, that is when we reach a state of kintalini and wellness.

Art, for all its controversial aspects and off-the-wall ideas, is a “mainstream” way of fuelling our mind and soul. Whether it is in the form of paintings, music, sculpture, poetry, aesthetics, interior design, comics… it all falls under the umbrella of art (it still baffles me when we push children to steer clear of art subjects at school – they are essential to our joie de vivre and sense of liberation and expression. Back to the point in hand. For the purpose of this article we shall celebrate the multitude of art (most of it free) available in Harrogate to fuel your mind and soul and help you on your path to wellness.

(links and individual posts to follow)

Art galleries:

galleries harrogate



Landscaped gardens:

gardens harrogate

Music scene:


The world of literature:

writing harrogate

Dance scene:

dance scene harrogate


theatre harrogate

Please write to me and tell of all the ones I have missed for my follow-up articles!


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