Wellness Warriors

Local champions ensuring Community Wellness in Harrogate

To achieve wellness we need the right surroundings to support our wellbeing, to promote our physical and mental health and offer room for personal growth whilst ensuring we feel safe and secure.

Six dimensions of community wellness

In addition to all the effort we put into our “personal wellness”, we should also look outward and ensure these same factors and efforts are reflected in our surroundings in our local environment: at home, in the office, on our journey to work, where we go to relax, in brief, where we live. This is what I refer to as “Community Wellness”.

Your local council will play a big part in environmental health, your local schools will play a big part in spiritual growth and mental health, but you too can help by forming, supporting or joining local businesses and communities to help boost your community wellness profile.

The 6 wellness dimensions of mental health, physical wellbeing, spiritual wellbeing, positive lifestyle, the environment and security are all supported and promoted in Harrogate.

Harrogate’s Wellness Warriors

So just who are Harrogate’s Wellness Warriors? Who proactively promotes the health and wellbeing of our town’s residents? You’d be surprised with what I discovered.

1. The prime promoter of personal and community wellness is the town’s own council. It may not be the glamorous or visually inspiring warrior you may have envisaged to top these polls of wellbeing, but Harrogate Borough Council has numerous projects and schemes in place to help us improve our health – both mental and physical – get our children off to a solid start, maintain the balance of country and town, encourage creative stimulus throughout the town in all areas and to keeping our stress levels down!

2. NHS Harrogate and Rural District – another unlikely suspect? With its pioneering NHS Natural Health services incorporating complementary therapies into the “traditional” methods used by GPs and doctors, our NHS reflects the open-mindedness and mindful nature of our local healthcare system. We should be proud of this. We are lucky enough to have choices.

3. OneWellness: A health and wellness provider that aims to help you get well, stay well and live well. It is Yorkshire’s first GP-led health and wellbeing coaching service to physiotherapy, health checks, personal training, workshops and specialist fitness classes.

4. The Acorn Wellness Retreat is a place that encourages individuals to find ways to improve their lifestyle whether it is through engaging in a new activity or simply by allowing themselves time out to reflect.

5. Yorkshire Centre for Wellbeing – A wonderful centre offering holistic therapies, treatments and consultations promoting wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle: yoga, Reiki, massages, Ayurvedic practices and much more.


Graham Whitehead Health

Graham Whitehead is a health and exercise coach based in Harrogate specialising in low back pain. injury rehabilitation, holistic lifestyle coaching, and weight loss.

Graham Whitehead health offer a thorough physical assessment which allows him to look at range of motion, core strength, posture, movement, and general orthopaedic health. In conjunction with this a thorough lifestyle assessment is done to assess the diet, sleep, levels of stress, hormonal systems, medical history, and chief complaints.

Once all the information is gathered a health and well being program is produced to create an effective lifestyle and training program that meets the demands of the client.

Graham is currently based at Harrogate Sports and Fitness Centre.

More Wellness Warriors to come… why not vote for one of your Wellness Warriors to be listed in our top promoters for health and wellbeing in Harrogate: cescahepton@gmail.com.

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