The Power of Music

The power of music is endless

Music has inspired countless writers, philosophers, sportsman and women, and probably even you.

Music for inspiration

We should all take a moment to remember how elated and alive we felt when we last sang or danced. Music plays a vital role in wellbeing, especially mental wellbeing. As Armstrong so eloquently put it in his poem on “The Art of Preserving Health, 1774”:

“There is a charm: a power that sways the breast
Bids every passion, revel or be still,
Inspires with rage or all your cares dissolves,
Can sooth distraction and almost despair –
That power is music
Music exalts each joy, allays each grief,
Expels disease, softens every pain,
Subdues rage or poison or plague.”

Music for entertainment

At the Health and Healing Festival, I had the privilege of hearing the ladies from Harrogate Rock Choir; they certainly manage to drown out and dispel any thoughts of sadness or negativity, with great choreography and uplifting songs, they will not leave you in anything but a happy state –

Whether you listen to it, sing, play an instrument or even dance to it, music is such a transporter of emotions. Even if you listen to the sad songs it can make you feel better about yourself in a poetic romantic way. You can still find your inner peace with an emotive piece from Bach or one of Adele’s many songs of rejection.

Music for fun

Just see how happy this one lady in the choir is… you can’t take your eyes off her, her joy is mesmerizing and contagious.


Music for mental wellbeing

Music gives you a surge, like a electric shock to your emotions, its effects get right in there. You have no defence barriers. You don’t want any either, just flow with the emotions of the music. It will change your state of mind. Playing an instrument or singing is an even stronger medium for transporting your emotions as you are physically involved. Releasing your grief through singing (or shouting!) is very “medicinal”. In meditation the vibrations of our vocal actions on our organs have been found to be extremely beneficial and can qualm a lot of anguish and give us relief.

Music for you

Check out the Rock Choir’s events near you and maybe even join! Or for more ways to be happy and put a skip back in your step, check out my step-by-step guide on how to put a skip back into your step:

how to be happy guide

Singing brings out the BEST in us:


Music for motivation

It can also push us to discover and release our full potential – achieve what we always and so for only dreamed of achieving. Let music be a part of your life and see what positive transformations it can bring into your life and mindset:

how to get fit with reiki and music

Release your inner champion and child with music!


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