Harrogate Girl Tribe Gang

harrogate girl tribe gang

A worthy cause

When people refer to a “worthy cause” they usually mean a charity or some kind of event with people in need. When I use the term to describe the Harrogate Girl Tribe I mean it in the sense that it is the driver behind so many of these good deeds for people in need. Let me explain.

Harrogate Girl Tribe gange meetups
When women get together, anything can happen

The girl tribe gang is a powerful (but not scary!) networking circle of women open to all to join (of the fairer sex of course). By helping each other they are able to then distribute the wealth they have gained not just to better themselves and their business or organisation but the local community as a whole:

Empowered and skilled women create an enriched and prosperous community.

These women give back. But they have fun too!

It’s not all work work work

These ladies also know how to party. They have fab social gatherings at Christmas – evidence to prove this fact is available for a fee! Plus the events are not rigid, you are there to relax, be open, learn and meet.

Girl tribe gange social events
Girl tribe gang social events

How it works

You sign up either the free basic package or the fee-based option with more privileges. Either way you can attend these invaluable get togethers that invariably offer a power hour. You get two main things:

  1. The chance to meet other women from all walks of life who WANT to meet YOU.
  2. Life skills, personal skills or business skills form the guest speaker for he “Power Hour”.

Ha ha and you just thought they got together to discuss nails, make-up and the next best spa day (which by the way is listed here). No these women are genuinely interested in bettering themselves, their lives and their community – just like you.

What kind of things do they talk about if it’s not all nails and spa dates?

These women cover just about everything you could need to know about to run a successful business, start your own solo venture and just be a fantastic individual. Here’s a taster:

  • Health and well being
  • Legal matters
  • Money
  • PR
  • Branding
  • Confidence and mindset
  • Online content creation
  • Website/SEO/Analytics
  • Scaling your business
  • Marketing
  • Mental Health and stress awareness
  • Social media

I found it vey inspiring, not just the guest speaker who was make-up artiste and stylist extraordinaire Chrys Chapman, but also the other ladies attending. from Mindful Baby to Wealth management Advisors – a wide spectrum of sectors was represented.

Chrys Chapman makeup stylist Harrogate
Chrys Chapman illustrating the importance of image and its correlation with confidence and self-esteem

The lady behind it all

Harrogate is fortunate enough to have the extremely reliable and talented leader as its mentor.  Anisa Lewis – Positive Parenting Coach. Not only does she offer professional, high-quality coaching to all us struggling parents, which OMG is a full time job in itself! – she is also very dedicated to the Girl Tribe – in it for the long haul. (Positive Parenting Coach)

I’d like to take this opportunity Anisa to thank you for opening your space and welcoming me in as part of your tribe. I asked for nothing and the Harrogate Girl Tribe offered inspiration, a place to explore and place for personal and professional self-furtherment. For the Tribe’s next meet-up check out my Wellness Events Calendar:

wellness events in harrogate

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