Motivation Monday Event in Harrogate

Motivation Mumbler Monday - keynote speech at FSB networking event in Harrogate, with Sally Haslewood, successful founder of the Harrogate Mumbler.

Motivational Talk from Founder of Harrogate Mumbler

Last Monday I had the privilege of attending a #motivationmonday event hosted by the Federation of Small Businesses, directed at women, but applicable to everyone. One of the fantastic and inspiring speakers at the event was none other than our local mompreneur Sally Haslewood, founder of the infamous Harrogate Mumbler.

Check out your local networking opportunities. The Federation of Small Businesses offer fantastic opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses to meet and grow.

The Accidental Mompreneur

Sally describes herself as an “accidental business person”. Along her journey of life, which she started as a qualified surveyor doing valuations and parent of 2 young children, she is now the proud owner of the Mumbler with an impressive turnover and an annual visitor count of 1.2 million. Pretty impressive for a lady who just wanted to get connected with other mums in the area!

Top Tips for Women in Business – Mompreneurs

  1. Start by asking yourself WHY you are doing something. I believe Sally makes a good point here as the WHY often gives us the HOW You may of course be simply working on a project or your “side hustle” to i) make money, ii) get a sense of satisfaction, iii) be involved in something worthwhile, iv) help your family or be with your family. Or maybe you are working on something you feel is worthwhile, ie something that is bigger than you.
  2. Sally’s second tip is to follow and listen to your instincts. Work with people, be genuine, follow a strict moral code, be in it for the long term. All these factors are essential for building a good reputation for your brand and reflecting the integrity of both you and your product/service (at times these are inextricably linked as people tend to buy from people!)
  3. Do not wait to be noticed. This applies predominantly to women. Unlike men we tend not to shout out about our success. Why not?
  4. Various: Positivity spreads success, hold your own awards or enter awards for PR and increased legitimacy (plus they are free).
Tips on how to be a successful mompreneur by Sally Haslewood, successful businesswoman and founder of the Mumbler.

Sally’s Story as a Successful Mompreneur

Initially Sally set up the Mumbler in Harrogate to connect with other mums on Harrogate. She created a Facebook page as a means for meeting other mums, sharing stories and support each other. To make this venture financially viable her revenue had to be £400 a month as this is what she would have earned in her full-time job and had left over after nursery fees.. She launched Mumbler so she could be at home with her children as well. She had created a platform also where businesses could advertise and thereby fund this great network and facilitate Sally’s desire not to send her children all day to nursery.

By 2012 to 2014 she was working part time and making a living from her “hobby”. She now franchises out to 13 different partners and has 26 Mumbler websites – this stage of growth coincided with her children going to school. Essentially Sally is getting paid to do her hobby. BIG WIN!!

Other helpful things to bear in mind to be successful

  • No true or constant work life balance – are you chasing the elusive state of perfection?
  • 80% is good enough – stop striving for perfection, it is holding you back (only you know what your 100% is). Trying to get perfection can alienate others in your team. Since you are a leader it is probably true that your 80% is better than most so go with it.
  • Do what you do best and outsource the rest. Don’t try and do everything. If it brings you money and joy – do it. For example, leave the bookkeeping and cleaning to someone else.
  • Separate your home life from your work life. Make sure you fit in some down time, for reasons of physical health, mental health and emotional wellbeing – plus it’s a question of manners! Be polite and considerate of others in your life.
  • Reach out. Look for external resources and training courses or mentoring. e.g. Espark, grant funding
  • Choose to be kind – what goes around comes around…especially in a small town.

Whatever journey you embark on, whether it be accidentally or intentionally, take a leaf from Sally’s book and make sure it brings you satisfaction. The motivational factors of passion, drive and success will then follow on naturally. Send your feedback to our Facebook page or discover more motivation tips in this inspirational guide.

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