A Sense of Security

safety and security

The importance of feeling safe

A huge part of wellness is a feeling of being safe.

I have interpreted this for the purposes of community wellness and personal wellness as a twofold sense of safety and security:

1. Feeling safe in your home and as you interact in your local area

1- If you feel threatened or at risk of being a victim you are more likely to have higher anxiety and stress levels – this leads to poor health and low moral, eventually depression and self-stagnation or even crime.

On the flip side, if you feel safe, your environment is safe, you are able to be yourself, spread your wings freely and grow. This sense of happiness and freedom then spreads and the whole community becomes happy and mutually supportive.

Harrogate promotes this with its friendly and helpful police force and it is evidence in its low crime rate and the fact that it was voted the best place for bringing up children in England.

2. Feeling financially safe and secure through job security

2 – You need to feel financially secure otherwise you fret and worry, this leads to losing your temper, anger and frustration. You share your negative emotions with others, relationships and atmospheres can become toxic and unhealthy. You do not perform well at home or at work if you feel undervalued or at risk of losing your income.

Harrogate has excellent employers and is always expanding (example of BID) and the prospects of finding a new job should such ill luck befall you are high. It also has plenty of help and advisors on hand to assist you either onto the job ladder (right from your GCSEs) up to when you may be looking for re-employment at a more mature age.

Do not underestimate the importance of feeling safe.

Do you feel safe where you live?

What steps can you and your local wellness warriors take to change this?

Networking is big in Harrogate I’m pleased to say. Here is an example for women:

harrogate girl tribe gang

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