FSB: Promoting Business in Harrogate

Helping business to grow is essential for any community. It brings stability, wealth and hope. If the residents of your town feel secure and free from financial stress, they are happier, healthier and more productive.

Financial security is a fundamental dimension in a community’s “wellness landscape” – having a thriving business and trade fuels positivity and growth.

The FSB helps do just that. Its services further its members along the journey of growth. By working with FSB’s experts and resources, companies are able to expand their skills, focus on what is important in their business and promote the product and/or service they offer.

The perks the FSB offers

If you become a member of the FSB, this is what you can expect FREE in return for your negligible membership fee:

  • Human resources support
  • Lawyers – advice and services
  • Health & Safety
  • Bad debt recovery
  • Tax inspections
  • all the complicated legal or financial stuff you don’t want to or have the time to deal with
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • FREE banking with the Co-op forever
  • In-house pensions
  • Cheap PDQ terminals
  • Service providers with great deals
  • Plus you can offset your membership fee against your tax bill!
Federation of Small Businesses brings people together, helping business to grow in Harrogate.

Working together

The FSB is all about helping and supporting small businesses. When you put all these “small” members together you get quite BIG results:

15,000 members in Yorkshire

170,000 members in the UK

The FSB helps to bring people together and connect them to the right services. Not only are you getting all the legal and financial services free or at cheap rates, you are also able to meet other people in business that will help you to grow and develop. Link to FSB Regional Events in Yorkshire.

Much Like BID (Business Improvement District), the FSB helps to identify, implement and improve trading opportunities in Harrogate. Having a flourishing business sector is important in terms of our Community Wellness as stress impacts negatively on our health and productivity. Having a thriving and growing business community boosts the wellbeing of the town’s residents – as well as the town’s own image and appeal. This is what makes financial security and commercial prosperity so essential as a dimension of community wellness – as explained here on the Health & Wellbeing Show on Stray FM:

The Six Dimensions of Wellness with Beth Parsons and Francesca Hepton on the Health & Wellbeing Show, Stray FM

Help to keep your town healthy. Help promote your business with Wellness Harrogate.

The next two events are: YBM April 29th:

Follow on Twitter @FSBNorthYorks on the blog, or if anyone wants to find out more about FSB, the website is www.fsb.org.uk where there is full details of all the member benefits and lobbying activity.  

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