SO Original! SO Pioneering! SO Vegan!

If you haven’t been to So Bar you’re missing out

Words to describe So Bar: healthy, fun, ingenious, original, trendsetting, tasty, fresh, unique, delicious, local, yummy, scrumptious, avante-guarde now we’re getting fancy and into the realms of the unspellable, but you get the idea. Robert and Alison (founders and owners) have been working passionately for over 10 years to make this independent chain really shine as an eatery offering the freshly prepared food with a fun side dish of entertainment. And their portions are generous!

Temptations is everywhere at the So Bar in Harrogate. You could give yourself the excuse that it's healthy!
Even their drinks are healthy

The chain of So Bar and Eats pubs in Harrogate, Knaresborough and Ripon have long been a favourite of mine. Not only because they are authentic and original, but because they were founded by two extremely creative and courageous residents of Harrogate who deserve to be applauded.

Always full of great ideas! award winning dishes for informal dinning experience for any occasion, whether you want fine dining, to share food with a group of friends or a quick lunch So Bar has a dish to suit.
Novel ideas

Not only has the local husband and wife team managed to stay open for almost 20 years whilst other pubs have come and gone as bleakly as tumbleweed during these tough economic times, they have also been leading the way in many of the trends now followed by the larger national chains.

Healthier menu options from S Bar in Harrogate
Healthier and Tastier Dishes

So Vegan – So Yummy

You may not be impressed by the fact that they have a vegan menu. “Everybody has a vegan menu these days!” I hear you cry. Do they? Perhaps they have a vegetarian selection (usually lasagne or salad), but do they have a vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, “we look after our customers” menu that matches the yumminess and size of the hearty meat selection? Check out So Bar’s fantastic and incredible selection below.

So many vegan dishes to choose from. you're spoilt for choice at S Bar Harrogate

One of the first to offer vegan

Robert and Ali are forward-thinkers. They already knew back in 2000 that if they wanted to be a contemporary eatery and pub, there would not be meat on the menu tonight boys! So spare a thought for this formidable duo that toil night and day thinking of ingenious recipes and enticing nights out for you. It’s just the two of them. Let’s home they have timeto try out their own Date Night every so often!

So Original!

Another reason I enjoy my visits to the SO Bar is because I never know what entertaining and original idea they will have come up with next. With the comic theme date night offer, it is clear to see that Mr and Mrs Thompson have their customers’ wellness and happiness at the focus of their efforts. Such ideas stem from a sense of empathy for their customers. And as a customer I feel like I am both “at home” in their establishment and at the same time experiencing a treat and something special. A clever balance to strike.

Always guaranteed to find some thing original and have fun at So Bar in Harrogate

Let’s give the couple a hand. Vote for them as Bar of the Year for 2019.

Drop in and taste their talent and vegan menu for yourself. Off Otley Road at the end of Cold Bath Road

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