Is Harrogate Congested?

This seems to be a popular topic these days with more and more houses being built, brining more and more people and cars to the streets of Harrogate. Here is what one resident has to say:

Public transport for everyone

What about developing a fantastic public transport system in conjunction with completely workable safe and prioritised cycle lanes for the benefit of the good folk of Harrogate? We desperately need to encourage cycling, of course.

We in Harrogate need buses to get kids to and from school, buses to get old retired folk to and from home, so preferably widely accessible and punctual. We also need great bus services to get workers to work at all times, even on Sundays and bank hols, typically these are times when the service is even more rubbish. 

Also, it has always boggled my tiny mind that workers at the hospital from both within town boundaries and outside them cannot rely on the buses – what with the high costs of parking there – and not to mention the extreme tiredness of those who have just done an 12 hr shift. 

Jazz it up a little

We need buses serving all areas if Harrogate into the night to enable town residents to access restaurants and cinemas etc… and enjoy activities- imagine if you can the buzz of happy people of all ages in the streets of lively Harrogate!

We desperately need a decent well-planned bus station, rain proof (at present the seats get wet!!!), wind-proof (it’s freezing in Winter) and control of queues (people sprawl thoughtlessly all over at present blocking the walkway through) and a cafe/newsagents would be wonderful! 

We really need the sites that bring in the tourist dollars to be readily and regularly accessible by public transport too: Harlow Carr, the Abbeys, the Dales, Harrogate itself!! etc…most of which are completely inaccessible by public transport, this is crazy!!!

A matter of pride

We need a busy bustling efficient bus service that prides itself on being in time – they often go late or, even worse, early or sometimes don’t even show up at all at present! Shocking! They need to shake off this image that they are there to serve the old folk only, that’s not the nature of the town anymore.

Also how about making Harrogate town centre only for pedestrians? Deliveries at night only. A super efficient Park and Ride system (look to Oxford), which could be run in conjunction with local transport companies rather than the expense of starting up a new one.
A rethink.

Final thoughts

And finally….
Plant some more gardens in the stylish Harrogate town centre, utilise this gorgeous asset is to the max, have loads more seating and encourage buskers and street entertainers, build outdoor cafes with rain proof awnings, abolish business rates for small businesses in the centre to allow local artisans and enterprisers to flourish, to bring the town truly alive, shake off it’s ‘nearly deads’ stranglehold, don’t rely on the grey pound that’s a dull colour. 
Don’t let it go down and get shabbier and neglected like the rest of the UK.
Be bold!
Bring Harrogate to life!

We’d love to hear your points of view.

by Hope Springs, Harrogate

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