Life Coach and Wellness Mentor

For when life can be a bit too much

If you’re feeling lost, alone, helpless, exhausted, depleted or just need someone to talk to about about your business, children or feelings, you’re in the right place. I will help you:

  • make some positive changes in your life
  • develop your self awareness
  • feel more certain, settled and focused
  • gain greater clarity
  • get motivated and stay motivated
  • live a healthier lifestyle
  • find your work-life balance
  • de-stress and relax
  • break bad habits and dependencies
  • have someone to talk to in confidence
Life coach and wellness mentor, Francesca Hepton

Francesca has been running her own business since 2004, raised 2 boys as a single mother and achieved her personal dream of becoming an author. Her qualifications and over 15 years of experience: complementary therapy (massage, reflexology, Indian head massage, aromatherapy) Reiki, crystal healing, TD meditation, yoga, mindfulness, positive journaling, and natural healing. She has published 6 personal development guides and is passionate about helping others.

She helps others find their voice

A very inspirational lady with a heart of gold who genuinely listens and cares.

Reliable and positive

I always feel so much more uplifted after spending time with Francesca.

All appointments are held at a private clinic, face to face, since many times it is the personal contact we are missing in this age of technology. To book your first free 20-minute consultation, call: 07751 263419 or use the contact form

Pricing: £50-£70/hour

Publications by Francesca Hepton to help you on your journey of personal transformation

Personal development guides by Francesca Hepton