Wellness Events in Harrogate

An up-to-date list of upcoming wellness events and retreats hosted in Harrogate, focusing on well-being, healthy living and a positive lifestyle.

wellness events in harrogate

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Networking. Financial security. Social fun.

7 February 2019

The all-female Girl Tribe Gang is welcoming a #powerhour all about “Making 2019 Your Year on Instagram” by Holly Barras.

Holly believes that we all have the power to control the quality of our own life. She knows this after making some pretty bold and brave choices to step away from ‘traditional life’ and into her own business. It’s her mission to stand for and support those who choose to take this step by leveraging the power of Instagram to create impact, influence and income.

Baby mindful class with Jo

12 February 2019

The Acorn Wellness Retreat, Hartwith

Join Jo at The Acorn studio from 11:30-12:30. “Baby Mindful classes offer a unique opportunity for parents with babies aged 0-6 months to relax and enjoy the new growing bond between parent and baby. The newborn stage is a busy and exhausting time (albeit magical of course!) and any time for mindfulness or relaxation can be few and far between, so these classes a great way to start to carve out a little time for calm. 

Classes gently follow 7 steps of relaxation; Move, Play, Stretch, Feel, Breathe, Believe and Relax (steps also used in our sister classes, Relax Kids), But what really makes Baby Mindful unique is emphasis is on the parents relaxing, bonding and spending time just connecting with their baby. It’s so easy to forget parent’s need for a pause in those busy newborn months. 

It’s never too early to introduce calmness and contentment! “

Pop up Gong Therapy

14 February 2019

The Acorn Wellness Retreat, Hartwith

A gong therapy session with Julie Cooper is just what the mind, body and soul needs. Arrive around 1:30 for the session to begin at 1:45-2:45 allowing you chance to arrive back fully from this incredible healing experience.

Create loving relationships

15 February 2019

The Acorn Wellness Retreat, Hartwith

A day to contemplate what truly loving is and discover ways to deepen your powers of listening, connecting and understanding. Introducing creative exercises using visualisation cards, group work and guided meditations.

Nourish Always Retreat

16 – 17 February 2019

The Acorn Wellness Retreat, Hartwith
Residential £195
Non-residential £100

A whole weekend of nourishment. Spend a night at The Acorn with Georgina, practicing yoga, restoring, cosying up warm and eating delicious food.

The weekend will include three yoga classes, plus an optional backbending workshop. Three whole food meals will be provided, plus snacks. With time to rest and relax.

You can find a full blog post exploring the weekend in a little more detail on Georgina’s website nourishalways.com.

Understanding the aura and the chakras – a subtle perspective

20 February 2019

The Acorn Wellness Retreat, Hartwith

An Aura is a field of subtle, luminous energy radiating around each living being and inanimate object. The chakras are swirling wheels of subtle energy situated throughout the body. Most people find this energy difficult to detect but it is possible, with practice, to both see and feel its presence. Our aura is as unique to us as our DNA and changes in its colour, clarity, size and shape reflect changes within the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the individual.

Yoga sees us as multi-dimensional beings. According to ancient Indian tradition we exist not just in the dimension of our physical body. We have many layers to our being from the physical to the subtle. Yoga can be seen as both an integration of these dimensions and an inward journey into peace and stillness through increasingly subtle states of body and mind. When the chakras and auric field are repaired and brought into balance through healing positive changes occur at every level of our being.

This workshop is suitable for beginners.

Doterra make and take class – self care and immunity

21 February 2019

The Acorn Wellness Retreat, Hartwith

This is an opportunity to be introduced to beautiful doTERRA oils as well as learning how to make some basic skin care products with them. The class will be bespoke to your needs as well as some general learning. Join Izzy and Katie from 9:45 for a herbal tea, the class will be from 10-12 with take home products.

Gong Sound bath and Shamanic drumming

23 February 2019

The Yorkshire Centre for Wellbeing

A blissful Gong Relaxation Sound Bath until 19.30 followed by a 30 minute Shamanic Drumming Session. A very friendly and social occasion.

Gong Relaxation from 18:30 – 19:30 followed by a 30 minute Shamanic Drumming session. Participants in the Gong Relaxation are welcome to stay and enjoy the Shamanic Drumming at no extra cost. The Drumming is a regular social event run by The Yorkshire Centre for Wellbeing. There are a few spare drums if you don’t have your own. If you have a drum that you could bring along that would be fantastic.

Yoga with Beccy multi session discount

2 March 2019

A nurturing yoga class with Beccy followed by a revitalising juice. Every Tuesday during term time 10-11:30. This buys you the half term block and includes one free session. 8/1-19/2

Knaresborough Wellness Festival

10 March 2019

Knaresborough Wellness Festival are hosting their first ever holistic fair here at Henshaws. Come & enjoy a variety of stalls from local complimentary therapists & independent shops.

With massage, card readers, reflexology & a whole host of holistic experiences! Sound Therapy, Forest Bathing & Meditation & Yoga Workshops.

Free entry for the event with a small cost for workshops.

Connect with Crystal Buddha on Facebook for more information.


20 March 2019

Rudding Park, Follifoot

Yogitivity© – embracing the benefits of yoga to release your inner creative. Join one of our Yogitivity Workshops held in the glorious grounds of Rudding Park where you will learn to use yoga to improve your creativity as a writer.

During the workshop you will explore the wonders encapsulated in essential oils and how to apply them to boost your creativity and clarity of mind. We have also included a gentle meditation sequence that will help you express some of your most powerful writing ever.

Your experienced instructors, Francesca Hepton (author of 6 personal development books and a series of children’s books) and yoga instructor and lifestyle coach Sarah Byrne will gently guide you through an array of explorative and enjoyable exercises to get your creative juices flowing!!

In addition to an enlightening, relaxing and stimulating day, you will also come away with a luxury goodie-bag full of wellness treats – with the odd book-related gift too! – the opportunity to purchase exclusive Creativity Oil Packages and inspiring guides on how to be grounded + gorgeous and keep fit with Reiki.

You can of course round off your special day with a further relaxing session in the fabulous new spa complex at Rudding Park. Book your place now and unleash your creative flow.

Spring Equinox Awakening

24 March 2019

York House, 10 Haywra Street · Harrogate
Awaken Your WOW and SHINE

Harness your awakening energy with Anna-Louise Haigh
It’s time to come out of hibernation and tap into the rising energy all around you!

Shake off the winter blues, clear the way for new opportunity and engage with the transitionary energy the Spring Equinox is waiting to gift you. If are fed-up of all the Brexit talk, want to reclaim your direction and purpose, join us for a special, inspirational workshop that is designed to light you up from the inside!

During this energy-rich day, your guide, Anna-Louise Haigh will draw on the benefits of GUIDED MEDITATION, SOUL QUESTING AND CHANNELLED INSIGHTS to help you clear the way for a fresh approach to the rest of the year.

Perhaps you need to ‘start the year again’, this is the perfect opportunity! Whether you are seeking clarity, direction or more control in your life….or something else, this gathering will offer a gentle yet powerful opportunity for you to gain what you seek.

Take away a renewed sense of positivity, focus and empowerment. Share some inspirational time with a great group of like-minded people. Tap into the awakening energy that is waiting within to serve you.

NOTE: This workshop is advertised elsewhere so early booking is strongly recommended as there are 10 places only.

Ayurveda Yoga Retreat

Bank Holiday Ayurveda Yoga Retreat from £250 non-residential, residential options also available

24 – 26 May 2019

The Spring is a beautiful time to rejuvenate and learn how Ayurveda, Yoga and meditation can refresh, renew and bring harmony and well being in our lives

Leeds Yoga & Wellness Festival 2019

20 July 2019

Leeds Yoga & Wellness Festival 2019, is all about community.

This special, one day festival aims to create a space to meet new people, try new things, step out of your comfort zone and learn about how the community you surround yourself with can affect, and improve, your physical and mental health.

Our Yoga Hero instructors, and some very special guests, will come together to make this a fun, educational day to remember, including a body positive yoga workshop, learning about intuitive wellness, movement, mindfulness, some daft things and a few wonderful surprises!

We can’t wait for LYWF 2019!

Everyone is welcome, whether you’re a seasoned yogi, or you’ve never been to a yoga class in your life.

Ayurveda Yoga Retreat

26 – 29 August 2019

Ayurvedic Summer Bank Holiday Retreat August 26-29
from £295 non res. price

The Summer is a wonderful time to join us for our longest retreat here at the centre. As well as exploring yoga, meditation and Ayurveda you will also have enough free time to simply relax in our beautiful gardens or visit the elegant spa town of Harrogate or visit some of the local attractions and beautiful N.Yorkshire country side.

yorkshire centre wellbeing

Harrogate Health and Healing Fest

12 – 13 October 2019

This festival will create a vibrant positive energy and atmosphere for people to come along and enjoy the weekend at each Festival.